Does CBD Affect the Way We Perceive Music?

Short answer – yes. Long answer- yes, it does affect the way we perceive music. Music is a truly cathartic experience that every human enjoys. Using CBD oils or smoking CBD with budpop’s vape cartridges helps us feel and process emotions differently from how we would never have. People turn to music for solace when there is nothing left.

CBD & Music

Music is seen as a type of treatment for different ailments. Similarly, CBD has blown up in the wellness community and is used to navigate the human experience. Thus, when this two are mixed, it takes the musical experience to a different level. So how, then, exactly does CBD affect our perception of music?

Greater Responsiveness

We listen to music because of the feelings it brings, from the lyrics to the technical production to the actual message the music passes. The art form was created to evoke powerful emotions from humans. So, when CBD is used, it makes us get in the “mood” better.

CBD is known for being a strong mood enhancer. And when used alongside music can elevate our state of mind making one more receptive. This makes you enjoy the music and appreciate the experience more.

Critical Listening

CBD helps with critical listening. CBD improves focus and cognition generally. This makes people who mix CBD and music listen more attentively. The listener is automatically able to discern smaller details in the music.

The stacked vocals appear more apparent, and the sound seems fuller. People who use CBD while listening to music hear it all clearer. A study discovered that our ability to hear sounds at 6000 Hz is improved.

Increases Music Enjoyment

When you use CBD, you relax, your muscles are less tense, and your mood is better. Because of this, your mind opens up. People listen to music primarily for enjoyment. So when you combine these two, your enjoyment and satisfaction Increase.

The reason is simply that CBD makes you live in the moment. Typically, when you listen to music, your mind can be distracted by itself. Either a thought keeps popping up, or you’re trying to keep up with the music. However, with CBD, you are less concerned with all that.

You simply live in the moment, enjoying each note as it unfolds. Consequently, you feel the sounds and emotions more intensely, increasing your music enjoyment.

Studies have been done on the effect of music and CBD on the neural network. On three different days, 21 people inhaled either a placebo, high-potent CBD, low potent CBD. When they listened to music, the people on high-potent CBD and low-potent CBD increased their brain activity.

People who listen to music while on CBD have reported a better musical experience. They said it had become a better way to relax and immerse themselves in the music. This goes in line with all we have been saying here.

Because of this, people use CBD at musical festivals to increase enjoyment. Some CBD products even market themselves as having a positive effect on music

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