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Music Festivals and Conferences

Canadian music conferences and festivals are a source of fun for Canadian artists and DJs. If you are looking forward to growing your music career, the conference and festivals are the best platforms to help you learn and share the content concerning the music and performances.
The annual conferences and festivals held annually are the best platform to help artists and DJs showcase their talents. It is also an excellent way to improve your skills and expertise as an artist. Besides, upcoming artists get an opportunity to network and interact with peers to further spread brand awareness
1. Boots and Hearts Music …



How Hip-Hop Industry Transformed the Fashion and Streetwear

Many clothing styles and brands have risen into prominence due to the influence of hip-hop culture. According to this blog post, Hip-hop started as a subculture, and it has now become the most common force in the entire pop culture. It was born as a direct reaction to the disco culture.
DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Wizard Theodore are among the first founders of hip-hop. They started their practice using turntables as an extension of breakdance on soul and funk records. That created an ideal sound loop for endless dance.
The Early Years of Hip-Hop
Breakbeat is the backbone…


Billboard Female Artists

Canadian Jessie Reyez is among the top-notch stars featured in tonight’s Billboard broadcast. The 15th annual music event is sponsored by the Honda and American Express. You will need to stream live at 8 p.m. ET to catch up with the entire event at the comfort of your home. Together with Reyez, the online event is meant to celebrate and honor other top female artists in Canada.
Teyana Taylor is our primary host celebrating the 30th birthday today. Female artists such as Miley Cyrus, Bernie Sanders, Maluma, and Lilly Singh are featured. The American Express Impact Award will be celebrating Jessie Reyez, a Toronto female artist. For…


Ottawa’s Night Lovell album

Ottawa rap icon is back with the more advanced release. The release is the fourth album which offers the most recent studio album, “Just Say You Don’t Care.” The new album comes after releasing the two singles earlier this year, namely “Counting down the List” and “Bottom Top.”
Lovell has played a massive role in changing the entire music industry. He also dropped a fresh Electric Dreamstate powered on YouTube for “I Know Your Ways. The song is the leading among the many songs produced and posted via the Spotify playlist. The songs are still fresh among the Canadian music recently released.


The Annual Hip Hop Event

The 6th annual Hip Hop Food Drive is meant to bring friends together via the online platform. Due to the pandemic crisis, the event will be done virtually this year in six diverse Canadian cities. The performance to be featured here will involve different artists for five days. There will be performances taking place online. In the exclusive performances, money and food will be donated to six food banks located in Toronto.
These donations are meant to be shared to different cities where the performances will occur. The food drive is also for changing the community’s lives during the pandemic crisis. This has for long proved to…


Northern Power Summit Event

Northern Power Summit (NPS) is expected to deliver the fifth conference online, which will happen in this series, which will begin on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021. On the other hand, the part two and three series will happen in Feb and March 20th, respectively. The events are expected to offer educational tools and training to help Canadian musicians to develop and acquire a niche as professionals. Growing a music career is all about support and empowerment from different sources.
Through training and education, it becomes easy for such artists to develop their music careers and increase their earnings. The main aim of holding the event …


The Ideal of Midwest Hype Single

Fans know Ideal as the man behind the Midwest Hype band who celebrated four out of twenty songs released recently. Pooney produced the latest solo singles.
They released singles “Natural Man,” which is now streamed live on diverse online platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. The new single produced is likened with water with a tongue-twisting style of rap. Ideal talks about the human race, and each person has to go through life issues which start from dealing with police, poverty, and the prison system.
Leaving an ideal life is all that every person looks forward to. However, the concept is still fiction to most …